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  The task for AAV was to create a series of How-To videos supporting the proper approach to choosing the right glasses, based on your face shape. Our challenge was to incorporate directives, statistics in a comedic tone to connect the viewers. With an engagement of over twenty thousand views, the campaign was a success, boosting sales by 8%. In this series I served as Writer, Director & Editor.

  Global client XPO asked us to create the launch video for their rebrand and Executive reorganization. The directive was to heighten and spotlight the LTL & FTL logistics. Elevating the image as a national staple for goods delivery was key. Verbalizing statistics and bringing an element of iconic reputation was a must. Showcasing the workforce was the challenge. I served as Writer, Director & Editor.

  Holistic client Spa Habitat, commissioned a rebrand piece to centerpiece a new website. The task was to show and include the "Farm to Table" aspect of their products. The challenge was including the various vendor contributions, citing the partnerships between vendors and manufacturer, while visualizing the identity of the brands essence. I served as Writer, Director & Editor.

  This Social Campaign was tapped for Valentine's Day. The challenge was to showcase the various tools the platform abilities, while connecting with an audience of  young Marketers. In this campaign I wrote and directed 5 spots.

  Texas Rangers reached their fifty year mark as a Major League Baseball club. The Marketing team tasked us to create a compelling story that would highlight the past fifty years and finish with a focus on the future of the team. The challenge was two fold, incorporate the new tag "Straight Up Texas" and produce the spot in one week due to the Baseball lockout and fast tracked opening day. In this spotI served as Writer and Director.

  The task was to create a spot that would engage audiences in a narrative storyline and push focus of mobile app usage. The challenge was finding a unique stylistic approach that varied from previous creative campaigns. In this series I served as Writer, Director & Editor.

  Dr Squatch was searching for a new and creative approach to their previously successful advertising. The Task was to find a new Tag line and maintain sales during the pandemic without focusing on the negative, but adding a new comedic tone. This two spot campaign provided a 4% sales increase, garnered a GOLD TELLY and is one of my favorite spots. I served as Writer & Director.

  Door was looking for a comedic approach to the statistic that using their services could save you twelve thousand dollars in costs and fees. The task was citing the savings and enticing perspective customers. The challenge was finding a comedic approach from a single statistic. The fun was working with a mean eighteen year old parrot that yelled at everyone. I served as Writer and Director.

  Aqua Bliss tasked me, directly, to keep their sales from decreasing via Amazon Prime competition. A side note was trying to a new creative approach to contrast the competition. The challenge was developing a compelling tone of voice and showcasing a coveted product with an unconventional aes.  I served as Writer, Director & Editor.

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